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IER performs interior and exterior lighting assessments for utility rebate projects. From general to intricate lighting designs, IER provides your company with good-better-best recommendations options to work within any construction budget. No project is too small.

Upon request, IER can assist in providing your company with Energy Savings Funding. That includes a simple one page application for projects under $75,000 dollars, that will include very competitive low interest rates/payments for your project. This will always leave your company cash positive from day one.  IER then provides project materials, installation, rebate application management and pre and post construction inspection with your utility company.

EMC Motor, Controllers, Anti-Sweat and Night curtain projects
IER installs products that are manufactured in Tempe Arizona and get the best running/savings results in the business. This is extremely popular in APS service territory, with high project rebate incentives.Type your paragraph here.

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Complete Construction and Renovation Services

IER designs interior fluorescent fixtures to be converted to LED fixtures. After conversion, the clients have the ability to choose the color type and dim the lighting outputs on the panel. These are the only LED panels in the world that are manufactured with these types of capabilities.

BeMore, LLC

BeMore intakes all of your Utility Cost factors/bills from your electric, water and gas expenses. BeMore Energy Services offers project Energy Savings Funded projects that include the lowest interest rate loans and rebates in the nation. All project saving are guaranteed and insured to produce the contracted reduction in your company's utility operating expense.

Call IER to arrange a initial meeting to review your project needs or email us at: mbourne@greenenergyguys.net
Please review our other pages to learn more about what services and products that IER and our partners can provide to your company's conservation project.If you have time please view the IER videos at the bottom of our reference page and see what we have accomplished in Arizona. Please contact us for any assistance:

Nationwide - BeMore LLC is an Arizona General Contractor and provides comprehensive energy conservation solution audit and construction services for their clients. - For projects in excess of $250,000 - BeMore provides assessments include, Complete Building Enveloping, Roofing and Insulation, A/C-HVAC-Cooling Towers, Solar and Wind project options, Water and Natural Gas conservation improvements.